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Thank you for choosing to purchase the new and upgraded Noxxa Electric Multifunction
Pressure Cooker (NEMPC). We are confident that you will find this product indispensible
in your kitchen with the new One-Touch-to-Cook Operation System where you can High
Pressure, Low Pressure, Bake, Stir Fry, Steam, Slow Cook, Keep Warm and Reheat your
favourite meals with just a selection of a button on the LED Control Panel. Meal preparation
is made even more convenient with the Delay Timer to start cooking at your desired time
and an added Manual function for easy High Pressure time setting customization.

Parts & Accessories

Cool-Touch Handle – This handle allows easy handling and opening of the lid

Exposed Stainless Steel Lid – Reduces the time for the pressure in the pot to drop after pressure cooking

Silicone Gasket – Creates an air-tight seal needed for the cooker to build pressure. Check the silicone gasket for
any tears or cracks before using. Replace with a new one if necessary.

Removable Inner Pot – 8-liter capacity non-stick removable Aluminum pot provides even heat distribution

Inner Housing – This pot should NEVER directly be used for cooking without the inner pot in place. Before
cooking, make sure to place the inner pot into the inner housing first. All ingredients should
be placed into the inner pot ONLY

Control panel – Red LED indicator lights with 2 display windows; Top display shows Cooking Time or Keep
Warm time. Bottom display shows Delay Time, Pressure (kPa), or Temperature (°C).

Heating Plate and
Temperature Sensor – Both elements regulate the cooking temperature inside the pot

Cool-touch Handle

Condensation Reservoir
(can be removed) – Collects excess condensation during cooking. If there is liquid in the reservoir after cooking,
simply empty it. 

Anti-blocking Case – Prevents food particles from adhering to the underside of pressure regulator knob. Pull out to
remove for cleaning. 

Lid with
Self-locking Pin – The lid will lock automatically when it is properly aligned and closed. It has a safety feature
that does not let you open the lid while cooking under pressure until all of the pressure is

Floating Valve – Controls the amount of pressure inside the cooker by allowing excess pressure to be released
if too much pressure is building up.

Pressure Regulator Knob – Turn the pressure regulator knob to “PRESSURE” position when using pressure functions
and MANUAL function. Turn the knob to the “STEAM” position to release pressure after
using those functions and when using the CAKE/BAKE, STEAM, SLOW COOK and WARM

Estd. in 1993

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