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 Noxxa is pleased and proud to add to your quality of life and healthy
lifestyle with this excellent appliance with intelligent programming. You may
make different types of healthy, delicious and nutritious noodles using natural
ingredients without any preservatives, artificial colouring or flavouring with this
Noxxa Noodle Maker

Parts & Accessories

Enhanced Noodle Layout

Housing – Produce power source, provide power, consist of motor,
micro computer, control panel, micro switch, etc.

Water Inlet Holes – For adding water and other recommended liquids

Micro Switch – Power will switch off automatically when the stir cup is
taken out, safety feature

Control Panel – Control machine for the corresponding function, on &
off, the indicator is used to display the status of the
corresponding function of the machine 

Stir Cup Cover – To fix stir cup onto the housing, once fixed in it will
touch the micro switch. When it is operating, do not
open the cover

Stir Assembly – To mix the flour and water or other liquids 

Material Inlet Assembly – To function together with the rod so that stir assembly
can mix the dough

Rod – To extrude the flour to become dough / noodles

Noodle Mould Cover – To fix the noodle mould

Noodle Mould – To shape different types of noodles 

Stir Cup – To hold flour and other ingredients

Water Measuring Cup – To measure water or other liquids

Flour Measuring Cup – To measure flour

Needle – To clean noodle moulds 

Cleaning Brush – To clean stir assembly, rod, material inlet assembly,
noodle mould cover and noodle moulds

Estd. in 1993

Noxxa is exclusively distributed by :

AMWAY Malaysia   |   AMWAY Singapore   |   AMWAY Brunei

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