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Noxxa is pleased and proud to add to your quality of life and healthy lifestyle this excellent appliance with UNIQUE FOOD STEAMING TECHNOLOGY. You may steam different types of foods in this three tier, 12 litre Noxxa FOOD STEAMER. Steam access tubes that channel steam from the water reservoir to individual Steam Racks keeps the flavour of food in one rack separate from the next, so that flavours of the foods in different racks do not blend with each other.

Parts & Accessories

Food container

Steam rack (3pcs)

Steam access tubes (4pcs)

Water reservoir

Water spout

Control panel

Drip tray

Steam tray (3 pcs)


Estd. in 1993

Noxxa is exclusively distributed by :

AMWAY Malaysia   |   AMWAY Singapore   |   AMWAY Brunei

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