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NOxxa products FAQs

Q: How long does it take to make noodles?
A: The flour will become dough in 3 minutes and it takes approximately 7 – 20 minutes for all the noodles to be extruded out depending on the amount of flour used. The operating time is also different for different noodle moulds.

Q: Why does the Noodle Maker stop during operation?
A: It stops during operation maybe because foreign object(s) has dropped in and if that happens, please switch off the power and remove the foreign object(s) before resuming. The Noodle Maker’s motor also has self-protection and will stop after working for a long period of time. Please allow the machine to cool down for 20 minutes before restarting.

Q: Can I continuously run the noodle maker to make more noodles?
A: Normally the noodle maker takes about 25 minutes for a cycle to finish making. Allow the machine to rest for 20 minutes before restarting. If you continue without stopping, the motor will overheat. The noodle maker can still work but the machine lifespan will be shortened.

Q: Why can’t I put both dry ingredients and liquids into the Stir Cup at the same time?
A: We first put in the dry ingredients into the Stir Cup to distribute the ingredients evenly. Then, we add in the liquids through the water inlet holes on the cover while mixing to make the dough smoother and lump-free.

Q: There is still a lot of dough/flour left in the Material Inlet Assembly. Why does this happen?
A: It is possible that the noodle mould is blocked or the ratio of ingredients is incorrect. Clean the noodle mould and add in ingredients as per instructions.

Q: What is the function of the Steam Access Tubes?
A: Steam Access Tube is a unique steaming technology where hot steam is channelled to each compartment and it will not mix up the flavours of different food between compartments.

Q: What will happen if the Food Steamer runs out of water or the water level is too low?
A: The Food Steamer has a self protection feature that will auto stop steaming. The appliance will start to beep and H2O will appear on the display. Add in adequate water (Do not exceed the maximum water line of 1.7L) into water reservoir and press “Start/Stop” button to continue steaming.

Q: What are the trays and racks made of?
A: The trays and racks are of food grade plastic, made of Polypropanate (PP) and are BPA free.

Q: Why is there a white coating on the heater?
A: After a period of use, the heater surface may discolour or is coated with minerals. Please refer to instruction manual under “Cleaning and Maintenance” for cleaning method.

Q: Can I buy additional steam rack and tray to steam more food?
A: We do not recommend that because by adding another steam tray and rack, the steam will not distribute properly and steaming time will take longer. The 3 tiers allow the food steamer to function at the optimum.

Q: What material is the Inner Pot made of?
A: The Inner Pot is made of Aluminium and coated with Teflon® non-stick coating. The Teflon® coating is food safe and complies with FDA (Food & Drug Administration).

Q: What happens if there is no water in the pot or the pressure cooker overheats?
A: The ‘Boil dry’ safety feature and overheat function activates. It will stop cooking, beep 3 times and E3 will appear on the display. Once it has cooled down, 0:0 will appear on the display and you can resume using the NMEPC.

Q: When do I use high pressure and low pressure?
A: Cook foods faster to save time and energy. It takes 1/3 of the time to cook compared to conventional methods.
High Pressure: Soup/Broth, Meat/Stew, Rice, Multi-Grain, Porridge
Low Pressure: For delicate foods like eggs, fish, pasta and vegetables

Q: How much can I cook using the pressure cooker?
A: Pressure cook, a minimum of 250ml (1 cup) liquid is required to cook. Do not exceed half pot’s capacity when cooking food that will expand such as rice, beans and grains. For everything else, do not exceed 2/3 of the pot.
For Slow Cook, do not exceed maximum FULL level.

Q: Does my pressure cooker require any maintenance?
A: The lid gasket which is subject to natural wear and tear is easy to replace. Recommended to replace every year.

Q: Can I deep-fry under pressure?
A: NO. Foods can only be stir-fried in the pressure cooker WITHOUT the lid.

Q: Why is it that Bread program Wholewheat and Wholewheat Rapid does not start to knead the dough immediately?
A: These programs are for wholemeal bread. The first hour is to warm up the ingredients after which it will start kneading the dough.

Q: What sort of cakes can be baked with program Cake?
A: Heavy and compact cakes such as fruit cakes, carrot or banana cakes are most suitable for this program. Place all ingredients into bread pan and select Program Cake. The cake ingredients will be stirred and after which it will be baked. After baking, allow cake to cool for 20 minutes before pouring out.

Q: What happens if my house electricity is disrupted during usage of my NBMOT?
A: There is a 1 hour memory system. If the power resumes 1 hour within the disruption, it will continue from where it stopped.

Q: What is the 13 hour delay timer and when do I use it?
A: The 13 hour delay timer allows the user to put in the ingredients the night before and program it to start kneading and baking the next day so that one will be able to enjoy freshly baked bread every morning. The 13 hour delay timer is applicable only to the bread function.

Q: How would I know which position to use during usage of oven function?
A: There are 3 positions in the oven. As a guide line, baking and roasting use position 1, when toasting bread use position 2 and when broiling use position 3.

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