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Your Combo Grill, Panini Press and Open Grill.

NutriGrille, your way to healthier and convenient cooking. With the latest grilling technology, NutriGrille caters to all who are looking for a convenient way to grill their food. It comes with a floating cover which has 5 level floating positions to adjust according to your food sizes.

Cleaning of Grill Plates have now been made easy as NutriGrille uses removable grill plates which are easy to clean. NutriGrille comes with a cool touch handle which allows you to hold the handle without fears of getting burned. Ease of use is has been one of the key elements which allows junior or senior cooks to work their way on the grille. After your grilling session, you need not worry about cleaning as the drip tray allows you to collect excess oil and liquids .

Wattage: 1400W Grill plates dimension: 26cm x 30cm

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Warranty: One (1) year warrant against manufacturing defects. Please note that this appliance is strictly for HOUSEHOLD USE only.